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Cleveland, David A. and Daniela Soleri (1991) Food from Dryland Gardens: An Ecological, Nutritional, and Social Approach to Small-Scale Household Food Production. xiii, 387 pp. Tucson, Arizona: Center for People, Food and Environment (with support from the United Nations Children's Fund [UNICEF]).

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Food From Dryland Gardens encourages garden that serve local needs, that are based on both local knowledge and scientific knowledge, and that conserve natural resources and the biological diversity of traditional crops. It was written for field workers, extension agents, students, project workers, and program planners. Both a beginner's guide and a reference for those with more experience, this book helps the reader observe and with local people to ask appropriate questions about the community, the environment, and the potential for gardens to improve nutritional, economic, and social well-being.


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Table of Contents
Detailed Table of Contents
1 Introduction

PART I: Gardens as a Development Strategy
2 Gardens and Nutrition in Dry
3 Gardens, Economics, and Marketing
4 Assessment Techniques

PART II: Garden Management
5 How Plants Live and Grow
6 Growing Plants from Seeds
7 Vegetative Propagation
8 Plant Management
9 Soils in the Garden
10 Water, Soils, and Plants
11 Sources of Water for the Garden
12 Irrigation and Water-Lifting
13 Pest and Disease Management

PART III: Garden Harvest
14 Saving Seeds for Planting
15 Processing, Storing, and Marketing Food from the Garden
16 Weaning Foods from the Garden

PART IV: Resources
17 Glossary
18 Some Crops for Dryland Gardens
19 Resource Organizations
20 References