2015 Tom Rogers Scholarship for ES Majors!

2015 Award: One or two scholarships, ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 each, will be awarded to a current UCSB Environmental Studies or Hydrologic Science major(s) whose past and present efforts best embody the ideals of civic responsibility and environmental stewardship. The goal of this scholarship is to enable a talented and dedicated student to take on activities (academic or environmental activism) that they would not otherwise be able to. 

Application Deadline: Friday, May 8, 2015

Applicant Eligibility: Qualified applicants must be continuing undergraduate students who are declared majors in the Environmental Studies Program and have demonstrated civic, community, educational, and environmental involvement. Applicants should have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and must be enrolled at UCSB for at least two quarters after receiving the award. Although financial need will be considered in the selection process, eligibility for financial aid is not required to receive this scholarship

Award Procedure & Administration of Funds: Scholarship recipient(s) will be determined by a Selection Committee consisting of ES faculty, alumni, and community members. In mid-May, scholarship finalists will be notified and invited to interview with the selection committee. The scholarship recipient(s) selected will be notified in late-May. Recipient(s) may use the award to defray expenses associated with their undergraduate education, such as tuition and fees, living expenses, books, supplies, and special project costs. NOTE: Recipient(s) should expect to see 1/3 of their award deposited into their BARC account at the beginning of fall, winter and spring quarter.
Additionally, please be aware that University Policy and federal and state regulations requires the reporting of resources, i.e. monetary awards, students receive if they are financial aid recipients. Adjustments must be made to a student’s financial aid package when a resource results in overage of the recipient’s financial aid award amount. Please direct any questions regarding your award and how it will affect your financial aid to your Financial Aid Advisor. Prior to graduation a one-page report will be required of the scholarship recipient(s) highlighting their accomplishments and activities since receiving the award. 
Download the 2015 Tom Rogers Scholarship Application HERE