Julie K. Maldonado

Julie K. Maldonado, Lecturer, Environmental Studies
Lecturer in Environmental Studies

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Developing Nation Environments, Indigenous Peoples, Displacement and Vulnerability

Lecturer in Environmental Studies


  • Ph.D., Anthropology, American University
  • B.A., Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis


Julie Koppel Maldonado obtained her doctorate in Anthropology from American University in Washington, D.C. in August 2014. Her doctoral research focused on the experiences of environmental change and displacement in tribal communities in coastal Louisiana. She has consulted for the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Global Gender and Climate Alliance, and the World Bank, focused on issues of development, disasters, displacement, and involuntary resettlement. Julie worked for the U.S. National Climate Assessment for the past four years, was a lead author on the National Climate Assessment's Indigenous Peoples, Land, and Reources Chapter, and co-organized Rising Voices II: Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability - Bringing Together Science and Indigenous Ways of Knowing to Create Positive Solutions. She was also the editor and organizer for the Special Issue of Climatic Change and book, Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples in the United States: Impacts, Experiences and Actions.

2016 Award Recognition
Dr. Julie K. Maldonado has been awarded the President-Elect's 2016 Western Social Science Association's Outstanding New Scholar Award. The Immediate Past-President of the WSSA, the President, and the President-Elect annually honor a junior faculty member at a United States university who has been active in his or her discipline for less than five years after receiving their Ph.D. The awards recognize cutting edge research, substantial contributions to the social sciences, and the strong promise of future such contributions. The recipients receive a cash award and are honored at the Presidential Luncheon. Dr. Maldonado was presented with this prestigious national award on Friday, April 15, in Reno, Nevada, the site of the 2016 Annual meetings.



Maldonado's has conducted ethnographic fieldwork with three indigenous communities in coastal Louisiana, focusing on environmental change and displacement. Participatory methods were employed, including story circles, intentional conversations, cross-community conversations, and digital storytelling. She held a workshop on climate change impacts and organized their input into a report for the Third National Climate Assessment to contribute to the national policy forum and supported tribes’ work to receive federal recognition.

Julie Maldonado on Human Rights and Climate Change (American Association for the Advancement of Science).



To view a list of Maldonado's publications please visit her LinkedIn page.


ES 130A: Risks, Vulnerability, Resilience, Disasters
ES 130B: Global Tourism
ES 193PR: Politics of Human Relationships