David Raney

David Raney
Former Lecturer in Environmental Studies


Environmental and Energy Policy Development, Corporate Sustainability and Strategic Planning, and Design for Environment


  • Exec MBA – University of California, Los Angles


David Raney is the owner of Raney Associates. It is a private consulting firm based in Santa Barbara, California providing insight, policy analysis, and guidance on issues relative to environmental and energy policy of interest to the energy and transportation industries, trade associations, and government regulators. The founder has 29 years of management and engineering experience in industry with Deere & Company, Saab-Scania AB, General Motors, and Honda.

To contact David Raney please e-mail him at: david@draneyassociates.com


Processes of moving corporations toward meaningful sustainability beyond today's status quo of environmental reporting and standards such as GRI

The art of total community engagement toward local environmental initiatives

Finding pathways for the public and environmental advocates, government, and industry to collaborate instead of litigate; i.e., how to make industry a part of the equation  

Pathways toward more effective government policy that capitalizes on establishing a fair playing field for industry, balances the need for lead time in developing new technology, yet still provides timely and effective environmental improvement  

How to determine if a corporation is truly pursuing environmental performance improvement and sustainability in a way that would be useful to the investment community