Celia Alario
  • Lecturer

Environmental Communications, Strategic Campaigning, Public Relations and Marketing, Culture Shaping Researching best practices in social change and environmental justice communications campaigns

  • Bren Hall, Floor 4"L"
Lisa Berry
  • Lecturer

Quantitative Methods, Research-based Pedagogy, Using Technology to Encourage Student-Centered Learning

Matthea Cremers
  • Lecturer

Gender and the environment, anthropology, tourism, environmental justice.

Teaches in Environmental Studies and Anthropology Depts.

  • (805) 893-8988
  • Bren Hall 4009
Darby Feldwin
  • Lecturer

Chemistry Education

Faculty in Chemistry Department

  • 805-893-2127
  • 3649B PSB North
Helene Gardner
  • Lecturer

Environmental toxicology, environmental chemistry, air polution.

Gregory R. Graves
  • Lecturer

Environmental history.

Teaches in Environmental Studies and History Depts.

  • (805) 893-3636, (805) 893-8988
  • Bren Hall 4007, HSSB 4240
Linda Krop
  • Lecturer

Environmental Law and Policy.

LeeAnne Kryder
  • Lecturer

Environmental literature, business and environmental writing.

Teaches in Environmental Studies and Writing Program

  • Lecturer

Anthropology, global environment, population studies.

Teaches in Environmental Studies and Anthropology Depts.

  • Bren 4003 (Summer Session only)
Bridget A. Lewin
  • Lecturer

Environmental education.

Greg Mohr
  • Lecturer

Planning, environmental impact assessment.

Erik Muller
  • Lecturer

Ecological Modeling and Toxicology, Communities and Ecosystems