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PSB North 3649B

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Math and Science Education, and Green Technology

Faculty in Chemistry Department


  • Ph.D., University of California, San Diego


Darby Feldwinn received her Ph.D. from UCSD, where she worked in Dr. Andrew Kummel's laboratory researching oxides/IIIV semiconductor interfaces. During her graduate career she first took an interest in teaching and won the teaching assistant excellence award. After graduating she stayed on at UCSD for an additional year as a postdoc where she continued her research and taught general chemistry. Darby joined the UCSB faculty in 2009.


Feldwinn's primary research focus is on undergraduate education with an emphasis on encouraging students to consider careers as secondary school math or science teachers. In addition, she realizes the importance of getting elementary students excited about science at a young age and exposing them to the university environment through outreach programs. Click here to learn more.


Feldwinn is part of the Chemistry Department's Fifth Grade Chemistry Outreach Program. It is a partnership between local elementary students and teachers and UCSB students and faculty. To improve educational opportunities for K-12 students, the program brings fifth grade students to the chemistry lab at UCSB every Thursday morning to participate in hands-on standards-based physical science activities. The program is designed to nourish their natural curiosity in science and to stimulate an interest in pursuing a higher education in science.  In addition, UCSB students are given the opportunity to share their love of science with elementary students and to consider a career path as a science educator.


ES/ED 136: Green Works