When submitting worksheets or petitions, please fill out the correct form completely with all of the requested information. Any missing or incorrect information will delay its processing and may lead to a denial. These forms are also available in the Environmental Studies Main Office (Bren 4312) and Advising Office (Bren 4313). Submit forms to the Environmental Studies Academic Coordinator (Bren 4312B) or Academic Advisor (Bren 4313) or email to advising@es.ucsb.edu

Note: Additional forms (incomplete grades, grading option change, etc) can be found on the College of Letters and Science Advising website

The major requirement worksheets are designed to allow a student in Environmental Studies or Hydrologic Sciences and Policy to print out and manually check their progress towards graduation. Be sure to download and use the major requirement sheet for the year you officially declared the major as requirements can change from year to year.

Environmental Studies, B.A. 

Environmental Studies, B.S.

Hydrological Sciences & Policy, B.S. 

Similar to the major worksheets, the requirements worksheets allows students to track progress and check unit requirements.

Environmental Studies Requirements Worksheets

Hydrological Sciences & Policy, B.S. Requirements Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to assist ES or Hydro majors with course scheduling and allow for orderly progression through all graduation requirements (including GE and University requirements) within a four year period. This is not the only acceptable approach, but an example of one that works.

Environmental Studies, B.A.

Environmental Studies, B.S.

Hydrological Sciences & Policy, B.S.

A student majoring in Environmental Studies or Hydrologic Sciences and Policy may apply a course(s) taken either at UCSB or from another institution towards specific requirements within their major as long as the course(s) being substituted are UC transferable, classified at the appropriate class level (i.e. must be upper-division to satisfy an upper-division requirement), and the course content satisfactorily meets the requirement for which it is being applied. Complete the petition and return to the ES Advisor electronically via DocuSign (or as a pdf attachment via email to advising@es.ucsb.edu).  

Use this form to request substituting UCSB or transfer coursework (including abroad units) towards any part of the Environmental Studies or Hydrologic Science major. Common requests include declaring an interdisciplinary outside concentration or applying transfer credit towards specific lower or upper-division major requirements.

Degree Requirements

Use this form to declare an Environmental Studies or the Hydrological Sciences major or to switch between majors. Be sure to indicate if you are pursuing the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) for the Environmental Studies major. If you are pursuing the Hydrological Sciences & Policy major, be sure to indicate which emphasis (Biology & Ecology, Policy, or Physical & Chemical) you wish to declare.

Change of Major

If both the majors you propose are offered by the College of Letters and Science:

  • Using the worksheet included in the memo, you must provide an estimate of the term in which you will graduate and the number of units you will have earned at that time.
  • Complete and submit this petition, along with a Change of Major petition (available in the panel above).

If you propose to complete one major in the College of Letters and Science and another in a different college (Engineering or Creative Studies), you will need to provide a quarterly plan to fulfill all degree requirements.

Memo of Understanding for Double Majors

The PSG is a planning tool for students who want permission to complete more than 200 units prior to earning their degree. On the form, you must:

  • Explain why you need additional units and time at UCSB.
  • Provide a quarter-by-quarter plan to fulfill your remaining requirements for graduation.
  • Obtain the endorsement of the departmental advisor in your major(s) and minor (if you are pursuing one).

 Proposed Schedule for Graduation

Because of the interdisciplinary design of the B.A. and B.S. Environmental Studies major requirements students are afforded the opportunity to customize their upper-division electives (Area B) and outside concentration (Area C) to create a distinct environmental emphasis or concentration unique to their personal and professional goals and needs. This information sheet demonstrates how one may create a personalized concentration by offering some example emphases popular with current ES students.

Environmental Studies B.A. & B.S Major Emphases Info Sheet

Complete these applications if you are planning to receive credit for doing research under ENV S 99, 199, and/or 199RA. 

ENV S 99, Introduction to Research

ENV S 199, Independent Studies

ENV S 199RA, Research Assistant