jason benedict

Jason J Benedict

Assistant Research Specialist 

Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Remote sensing, Data Analysis & Visualization

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Ian Carrillo

Ian Carrillo

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Environmental Sociology, Race and ethnicity, Economic sociology, Environmental justice, Comparative–Historical, Work and Organizations, Ethnography, Inequality

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Kamal Chowdhury

AFM Kamal Chowdhury

Post-doctoral Researcher

Stochastic Rainfall Modeling, Climate Variability, Hydro-climatology, Water-Energy-Climate Nexus

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Veronica Jacome

Veronica Jacome

UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow

Critical Geographies, Electric Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Resource Geography, Rural Energy Access, Sustainable Energy Integration

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Alex McInturff

Alex McInturff

Post-doctoral Researcher

Human-wildlife interactions, Large carnivore conservation, Risk perceptions, Social tolerance, Environmental justice, Geospatial analysis

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Dena Montague

Research Associate

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