Veronica Jacome

UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow


Critical Geographies, Electric Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Resource Geography, Rural Energy Access, Sustainable Energy Integration


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

M.S., University of California, Berkeley


Dr. Jacome is a University of California President’s postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara. She completed her Ph.D. in the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley with professor Isha Ray. Dr. Jacome’s research interrogates the links between energy infrastructure, development, and environmental justice. Situating her work in electricity access in the Global South, she investigates how contemporary assumptions about the value of electricity development impact inequalities. Specifically, she is interested in the relational processes that (re)produce socio-material conditions within electricity services characterized by expensive and erratic access. At UC Santa Barbara, Dr. Jacome will conduct a historical-comparative study of infrastructure build-out in the US, Britain, Ghana, and Tanzania, and explore the relationship between nation-state building, colonial and post-colonial interrelations, and capitalist investment of so-called successful and unsuccessful electricity infrastructures. Guided by a rigorous understanding of electric power systems and critical social theory, her research contributes to the political economy of development and the environment, critical urban studies, and theories of the Global South.