Peter A

Peter Alagona

Associate Professor & Director of IPEES

Environmental History, History of Science, Wildlife and Endangered Species, and California

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Liz C

Liz Carlisle

Assistant Professor

Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, Regenerative and Organic Agriculture, Food and Agricultural Policy

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Jordan C

Jordan F. Clark


Geochemistry, Hydrologic Sciences, Tracer Hydrology and Environmental Geology

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Carla D'Antonio

Schuyler Professor

Plant and Ecosystem Ecology, Invasive Species, Species Affects on Ecosystem Processes, and Restoration Ecology.

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Ranjit Deshmukh

Assistant Professor

Energy systems and policy analysis; electricity sector planning, operations, and markets; geospatial analysis of energy resources; energy access in developing regions

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Halley Froehlich

Assistant Professor

Marine ecology; aquaculture; fisheries; climate change; ecological modeling; data science; environmental physiology and behavior; social science

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Helene Gardner

(LPSOE) - Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment

Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Air Quality and Pollution

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Summer Gray

Assistant Professor

Environment and Society, Infrastructure and Adaptation, Climate Justice Studies

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Robert Heilmayr

Assistant Professor

Environmental economics, Ecological economics, Land systems science

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Edward A. Keller


Environmental and Engineering Geology, and Geomorphology

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Jennifer martin

Jennifer Martin

(LPSOE) - Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment

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David N. Pellow

Program Chair and Dehlsen Professor

Environmental Justice Studies, Race and Ethnic Studies, Social Change, and Social Movements

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Debra Perrone

Assistant Professor

Water Resources Engineering, Groundwater Science and Policy

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simone pulver

Simone Pulver

Associate Professor & Program Vice-Chair
Director, Environmental Leadership Incubator

Business and the Environment; Global Environmental Politics; Socio-Environmental Systems; Environmental Sociology

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Josh schimel

Joshua P. Schimel

Associate Dean of MLPS 


Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology, Microbial Ecology, and Organismal Ecology

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